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Holiday Couplets

One of the easiest types of poetry is the COUPLET.  Each couplet is a two-line thought that rhymes.  Read the couplets below and post some of your own!

In the winter when it snows,

I catch a cold and blow my nose.

Presents wrapped under the tree,

Some for you and some for me.

Have fun writing some couplets.santacomp

27 Responses to “Holiday Couplets”

  1. Candy canes are big and sweet
    they are really, really great treats!

    Isipped hot coco
    and stearted going loco!

  2. I made two mistakes stearted is supposed to be started and there needs to be a space between I and sipped!

  3. The dreidel is spining
    while we are winning.

  4. #1 Snow flakes start falling through the chilly air
    shows hibernation time for the hare.

    #2 Santa Clause flies through the night
    while the snow is fluffy and white.

    Which do you like better? I’m going with #2.

  5. :] Presents are big, fun and square
    and filled with lots of bears

  6. Santa gives a gift to Suzie
    she really thinks its a doozy

    Santa has a little blubber
    and his favorite movie is Flubber

    Rudolphs nose is very bright
    ready for a foggy night.

  7. Lets make a snowman and place a hat upon his head
    now lets make a snowman sled!

  8. Let’s make a snowman and place a hat upon his head
    now let’s make a snowman sled!

  9. Sorry I on accadintle did mine twice.

  10. Jesus was born on Chratistmas Day that was a day to pray.

  11. Christmas eve was a special day we will celebrate and play.

  12. Ti’s the season to be jolly Marisa fell of her new trolly.

  13. Angels have wings. They like to wear rings.

  14. Stars are up high on the Christmas tree almost in the sky

  15. Santa and his little elves, make some toys to go on shelves.

    Winter cold windy too, hot chocolate waiting for you.

    Santa went to your house, there was waiting a little mouse.

  16. I did 3.

  17. Looking around up and down

    waiting for santa to come plopping down.#1

    Christmas tree oh Christmas tree ornaments green and red

    Elves work with santa watching children in bed.#2

  18. #1 Ice is sliced,then priced.

    #2 Santas bells,have some smells

  19. Down the chimney Santa goes, withsome presents ho,ho,ho!

  20. Down the chimney Santa goes, with some presents ho,ho, ho!

  21. Christmas trees full of lights,Candy canes full of stripes.

  22. This Not a cuplet but when are you changing the blog I was thinking maby a Feb. one

  23. Please change this

  24. I have some MAJOR hot chocolate problems I LOVE with a captial OVE!!!!!!!!!!

  25. sweat sweat what a treat look at a tasty treat

  26. sweat sweat what a treat look at that tasty treat

    what a treat look at a tasty treat

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