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Updating our Blog

Room 119, May 2009I haven’t been paying too much attention to our classroom blog at all lately, and so I decided that it might be fun to bring it back this summer.  Maybe we can have some good discussions about what we are doing, books we are reading, websites we like, ideas we have etc., etc., etc.

Let’s start with reflections of fourth grade.  On the last day of school we ran out of time to give all of our reflections, so here is your chance.  Pass it on to any of our classmates that the blog is up and running again.  Let’s have fun with it!

Mrs. McC

12 Responses to “Updating our Blog”

  1. I remember when I was playing soccer, and Andrew tripped me to get to the ball. I started laughing and couldn’t stop. It was really weird and sad(for me)!

  2. Thanks for your quick reply, Julia. Let the other kids know – OK?

  3. This year rocked!!!!!!! I had a great time. I loved when we did that complament game. It was a lot of fun. I also liked all the field trips especially when we went to the Cook Plant and Lansing, but they all ROCKED. And last but not least all Mrs.McConville’s and the class’s enthusiasium. I will remember this year and Mrs. McConville. Thanks to everyone who helped me. This year rocked!!!!!!!

  4. I am reading a mystery book on Samantha [american girl doll]
    I am so scared because I found that in Ravenscourt there was blood in the elevater. Now there is an animal in the wall. This summer my mom said that she got us a journal to write in. But, we have to spell every thing the right way and put all of the , in. And we have to write in the WHOLE page or close.

  5. Hi Natalie,

    I think your Mom has a super idea to have you use a journal to write everyday. It’s “practice,” Natalie! Then when you get to the “game” you will be the winner!

    I’ll put up a prompt about the best books for summer reading. What is the name of your book?

  6. I just finished Diry of a Wimpy kid I Loved it ! Now I am reading Tuseday’s Child . I read a chapter a day. thankyou for making reading fun!

  7. Every weeek we go get a book from the library. I love Tuseday’s child because its about baseball lover who loves picher.then her parents make her do ballet on the SAME DAY AS BASEBALL!!!!!!!!

  8. I willl really miss this year! It deffinetly was one of my favorites!

  9. I miss you Mrs.McC!

  10. … remember me … i have now moved on to grade 8 … i shall miss you all dearly. I love namir and always shall.

    – Lots of love frum Alex K

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