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Summer Fun!

4th Grade TeachersWhat did you do this summer? Lots of traveling and exciting things have been happening! The three fourth grade teachers went to Chicago on the train. Here we are reflected in one of the awesome sculptures in Millennium Park!  Post a comment and share your summer stories.


9 Responses to “Summer Fun!”

  1. hi mrs. mcC. this is me alexcia for my summer I went to kansas to see me aunt it was fun I realy miss you and the rest of the classroom but I will see you in some days!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Fth IS THE BEST

  4. GYMS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dear Mrs.McC,
    I like this year because it is really different here.
    and i do like different because i get to make new
    friends.I made two BFFs which is Tacy and Emily.they have been very

  6. I really love 4th grade because i have the best teacher in the world.i amhaving alot of fun in class exspecialy in math. you rock mrs.mcc.
    got to go bye

  7. During summer, I just stayed home until the end of August. I went to San Diego! The first two planes were fun and exciting, but then it got boring.

  8. I went to a string camp in June.also in June I raised money for Relay for life raising money to help find a cure for cancer.I kept up with my cello lessons .you can come to grand parents day Nov.15 to here the band & orchestra’s.Then in late July to August I took sailing lessons & kept sailing on Wednesdays nights.I made a tote bag for the fair & I got reserved champion on it .My brother went down to Florida for a boy scout camp so on labor day weekend when we had to go pick him up we went to navy pier their in Chicago it was fun .how was your trip to Chicago ?


  9. I had fun over the summer :). I went to disney world. I also went to my grandma and grandpa’s house. I also went to ohoi,Clevlend.

    got to go


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