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Last year my students really got into blogging!  Now it’s time for you to try it too.  We’ve been in school for about 5 weeks and I want to know what you like about the fourth grade.  Tell me about your favorites – classes, subjects, times?  What has been the best part of this new school year for you?  I am anxious to hear from you!  Just click on comment and let me know what you think!

38 Responses to “Welcome to Room 119’s Blog!”

  1. I really like 4th Grade.

  2. 4th grade is the best and there is SOOOOOO much cool stuff!!!! I can’t wait to see what the cool stuff coming up. Lansing sounds like, like, FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Math is pretty cool. I’m never heard of Blogging and it’s awesome. Sience is cool i learned alot about sience. You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi i really like 4th grand think i am blogging have you played kick ball? I have.


  5. I love 4th grade! It is way better than 3rd, 2nd, and 1st grade. My favorite class is Gym and Art. I like Social Studies and Science. I don’t like that there is the fire drill right in our room, though. It will be right in my ear! I hope that the fire drill isn’t today. The tests so far are pretty easy, and the homework is pretty easy also. I think that 4th grade will be my favorite grade in elementary school! I really like blogging. I have done it before. The sports I play are Soccer and Swimming. I may do Softball and Tennis soon.

    My favorite football team is Michigan State, but I am not obsessed with football like others. I really don’t like soccer, but I am forced to play it. I plan to quit in Middle School, or possibly in High School.

    I really like the people in our class! They are really nice. I love going to the computer lab and using our laptops in our room 😀 During recess, I like playing four square with this little tiny blue ball with my friends. It is really fun!

    I like doing homework. Most people don’t, but some people besides me in this room like doing homework. I want to get contacts really bad and I am growing out my hair.

    3rd grade was kind of boring. 4th grade is better 🙂

    Well, I am out of things to say. Sorry 😛 You’ll see more of my comments when your make more logs (or whatever you call it). Sorry for the long comment!

    Abby S.

  6. Im am ready for more science Mrs. Mcc

  7. Dear Mrs Mcc,
    4th grader is sooooooo awsome. My favorite subjects are spelling and reading. I also like math and science. I actully love everything!!!!!! I am so glad some of my friends are in my class. My favorite thing we do in class is notebooking. ( That includes cross text writing) The difference between 3rd grade and 4th grade is 4th grade is harder. ( but not that hard)

  8. I love math so far. I have had a lot of. 4th grade is a lot hared.

  9. Dear Mrs. McC,
    4th grade is the BEST so far!!! I really enjoy Science, Math, Spelling, and Reading. You are the number 1 teacher I have had EVER!!!!! I am so glad that all my friends are in my class. Sooo, Thank You!!!

  10. I love the first time of blogging. My favrorite subget in school is math. I think is the best ticher in the world.

  11. I really like 4th grade. I cant wait until we go to Lasing. My favorite subject is social studies.


  13. I really love 4th grade. I love math it really cool I can’t wait to go Lansing it seems really cool. I am glad that Madalena came to our class she is one of best friend forever Tacy too! This year is really different from 3rd grade in 3rd grade math is really easy 4 grade math is harder.

  14. Thanks, Collin. I’m glad you like the 4th grade. Science is awesome! Glad to have you in my class this year.

  15. I like 4th grad. My faveret things to do in school is to write horse storys! SORRY GOT TO GO Mrs.Mc C!

  16. 😀 4th grade is
    awesome!!!!!! :p

  17. I like science.I love the 4th grade

  18. I like school but I think it’s kind of borring cause I don’t like doing work I just like going to recsess but I really like seeing my friends.I like 4th grade because you learn alot of new things cause in 3rd grade It was going over 2nd grade.I really like 4th grade but I really really miss Mrs.Florin because she is my aunt.Your really fun to have as a teacher.

  19. my favoite part of forth grade is since. I am learning so much.I favortie cass is music. I am so glad to be in your class

  20. Mrs.McC I’m having a lot of fun in fourth grade. My favorite part so far is English. I made two new best friends this year Erin and Taylor. I can’t wait till our trip to lancing I know it’s going to be really fun.You are so much fun!!

  21. dear Mrs mcc. it is fun in 4th grade today . My faverit thing in school is math . you ROCK teacher your cool. from michel

  22. 4th grade rocks. bloging rocks. i like science .games rocksl.

  23. I really like 4th grade. My favorite subject is gym,music,and reading. They are really fun. Sports I like to play are softball, cheerleading,gymnastics and softball. We are getting alot of things done in 4th grade. My favorite football team is the St. Joesph Bears! I can’t believe they beat Lakeshore! was an awesome game. I have a sister named Lexie in the 10th grade and a brother named Tanner in the 5th grade.

    I have a good class this year. Its really fun that sometimes we even get to go on labtops!! I like to go in the grass and do cartwheels at recces, Also I like to go on the swings! 🙂

    I love all th members in my family, and I’m glad they sent me to E.P.Clarke. 🙂

  24. dear MCC
    This is the best year ever I bet it will get better even if it will get
    tuffer . I have made alot of new friends . PLEASE DONT GIVE TO MUCH HOMEWORK ,Im alerjick

  25. Dear Mrs. McC,

    I LOVE fourth grade!!!!!! It is so fun! I made a couple new friends! Iam very exited aboutthe field trips like the canoeing , and

  26. I love forth grade! My favorite subject is reading. I can`t wait till we go to Lansing. I think recess is a great time to read. I think this is the best year ever!

  27. HI I really like 4th grade. My favorite subject math. Mrs. McC is the best.

  28. Hi my name is Jenna. I’m really enjoying the 4th grade. I have 1 pet named Molly she is a cute little shih tzu. I know its a weird name. I have made a new friend this year and her name is Madalena. I have 5 members in my family and we all love each other. Sports I’m playing are Dance,softball,cheerleading,gymnastics,and softball. I also play a little basketball at my house.

    🙂 alright now lets move on. I am 10 years old. The reason i’m in 4th grade is because i got held back in kindergarden. So I would be in 5th bot im in 4th.:P I LOVE to sing in music class. My favorite song is Do-wah-diddy. I did kids on stage and I had a solo to that song, also I did a talent show with that song. Its a fun song to enjoy.:)

    A free time activity that I like to do is ply Barbies. (there not weird looking at all) 🙂 One of my favorite singers is Miley Cyrus shes known for Hannah Montana. Well I guess I’ll go I said a lot of things right here so… good bye:) GO BEARS!!! P.S all of u guys in my class are nice

  29. Hello Mrs. McConville
    I’m spending sometime on the computer today at home. I’m going to go on study island maybe brain pop and other websites you told us about. You are a friendly teacher… If any one else reads this i’m going to say HI!!!!!!!!!!!! cya at school tomorrow. P.S. Im being weird.:)

  30. I’m loving 4th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!But I still miss Mrs.Florin cause she is my aunt.I really need to work on my times for math because I forgot them over the summer.I also need to work on my story for Brainstormers.But I don’t really want to write a story.But I kind of do at the same time.

  31. I am bored I don’t know what to do cause I finished my homework sooooooooooooooo I’m just typing typing typing.What should I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Hey Mrs. McC,

    I love 4th grade!!!

  33. I am bored i need somthing to do. well i could, no that won’t work,or i could ,nope,who who i can write in my journal and now i am trying to make a smiley face but it won’t work.mabie this time shift, colen,perenthesies, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nope not gonna work.

  34. you are the best teacher ever . i love the way you teach. when you read dragon rider i like it but i like skinny bones. got to go bye

  35. Hi madalena here! shhhhhh I am sopost to be at study island but…………..I feel like Blogging!Please don’t tell.Anyways
    I am so glad i moved here! Plus i am glad i am not doing a repeat of last year.I would like to learn more about multiplication and
    Hey who was at the game Friday night? Please answer.

    your friend,

  36. hey Madalena!
    I went with to the game with you!

  37. dear mrs.mcc,
    i love the fourth grade. becuase i got the best teacher ever:).

  38. this is a long far away when u guys did this but… HI! I’m spending my Saturday night on the computer!


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