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Blogging Pioneers

This year we have been blogging pioneers! So, I want to know what do you think of blogging? What did you like about it? What worked well for you? Did you comment on other kid’s writings? Would you recommend that we do this blogging again in fourth grade next year? Would you like your own blog? Please post your comment!

Mrs. McC

23 Responses to “Blogging Pioneers”

  1. I like bloging you should do it again

  2. I love to blog. It is so fun to see what people are doing over weekends. I would recomendto do it next year. The blog worked very well for me. I commented on many kids writings.

  3. I want my own blog

  4. I like bloging. You should do it again.

  5. Yes i do like blogging and i would like to have it next year because if you are anywhere and in any state you can do the blog i have done the blog a lot and it is a good thing to do!
    By alexcia

  6. I love to blog it is fun to comment and i really like how when you write a post people comment on yours. I think the fourth grader next year should get a chance to do everything that I did. It worked very well for me. I have gotten my own blog but I had to delete it. I hope i can get another one!

  7. I think you shold do it again next year. I also like looking what people did over the weekend. Thats what I think.

  8. I loved blogging. I would have liked to get on more often but the computer always being used. I think next years kids would love it.

  9. I like the bloging with all the fun websites you can go to.

  10. I love to blog! I would also love to have my own because I like to comment from anywhere!

  11. I haven’t done much, but Iliked putting up My Saint.

  12. I think blogging is ok but mostly because it is all cloged up some time so it is ok half of the time.

  13. Oh I just did more!

  14. This is my first blogging , and I like it.

  15. Blogging was so fun. I wish I could have done it more but I had sports.

  16. I think the hole school should have a gaint blog so every one will know whats going on.

  17. blogging is so fun because you can commet on things. you can also play games!!!!!!!!!

  18. I liked blogging this year because kids in our class got to share their thoughts with the class.

  19. i loved blogging this year so i think you should do it next year too!

  20. I loved Lansing and I will definetly go back there soon.

  21. I wish I had a blog. please help me get

  22. i wish i had a blog. please help me get are the best teacher

  23. Hello! nice blog!

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