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Our Trip to Lansing – the Capitol Building and the Michigan Historical Museum

Our class went on a great field trip to Lansing this week. We were very excited to not only tour the Michigan Historical Museum and the Capitol building, but also we were able to meet with Representative Proos and Senator Jelenik. As a class we were even introduced in the House. When asked what part of the trip was their personal favorite, this is each student’s response:

My favorite part about Lansing was when the Republicans were in session. I also liked the Fresnel lens in the museum.

By Nick

The best part of our trip to Lansing was the mining exhibit at the museum because it was really dark and you got to see what a real mining site would look like. It was also cool to look up and see people walk on the glass floor in the Capitol.
By Peter

What I liked about the Capitol was when the senators waved and clapped for us. I also liked the dome because of the stars.

By Jorge

My favorite part of Lansing was when we were lying on the glass floor in the capitol building because it was relaxing.

By Jacob

My favorite part was snapping pictures of all the beautiful scenes.

By Ian

My favorite part of the trip to Lansing is when we went into the museum of Michigan History.

By Chris

I liked when we got introduced by John Proos.

By Madison

My favorite part of Lansing was in the museum seeing all of the houses in history and how they looked.

By Amy

My favorite part of the museum was the old fashioned school because it was cool to learn how the schools are compared to the schools in this time.

By Jordan

My favorite part of Lansing was going into the Capitol and seeing the decorations.

By Sarah Ha.

My favorite part of Lansing is the museum, because you get to travel in time.

By Sarah H.

I liked the Civil War area in the museum, because it was very interesting.

By Alex

My favorite part when we went to Lansing was seeing the Michigan lantern because it has the state symbol. The giant dome was also my favorite because of the paintings.

By Jake

My favorite part about Lansing was when the House of Representatives were in session and we got to see them. Also my favorite part was seeing how tall the dome was. It was cool to see the stars at the top of the dome. At the museum I liked seeing the Model-T car built by Henry Ford and see what top selling cars used to look like.

By Zach

My favorite part about going to Lansing was when we saw the Senate and the House of Representatives, and when we saw how they made a bill and passed a bill. It was really cool.

By Melanie

My favorite part of the trip to Lansing is the rooms in the museum. My other favorite part of the trip is the glass floor in the capitol. Those are my 2 favorite parts in Lansing.

By Heather

I like the ladies in the portraits. I also like the Capitol building because I like the House of Representatives.

By Kyle

My favorite part was looking through the hollow rotunda. I also liked the display of army guys in the civil war.

By Andy

My favorite was seeing the Stevens T. Mason and the woman who when to war and faked to be a man.

By Alexcia

My favorite part about Lansing was that the senator talked to us and brought us on the Senate floor.

By Meagan

My favorite part about Lansing was getting introduced to all the Representatives in the Capitol.

By Arianna

I like the 1940 section with the airplanes and jeeps from WW2.

By Da’Leon

7 Responses to “Our Trip to Lansing – the Capitol Building and the Michigan Historical Museum”

  1. chris i like what you said about lansing

  2. It is cool to this years favorite thing at Lansing .It reminds of what I saw last year.

  3. Lansing is one of the best field trips for fourth grade because we literally walk through our Michigan textbook. I hope each of you will have the chance to go back to Lansing and take more time at the Michigan Historical Museum and then visit our great Michigan Capitol! Remember, you are tax payers too!

    Mrs. McC

  4. I can’t what tell we go to Lansing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi me again.Glogging is great!I love 4th grade!Its so Fun with all the exsperments.And I love this class room and all these new friends!Its the greatest Grade ever!I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. thanks Madalena!! I’m glad you like your new school!

  7. I loved our trip to lansing i loved the capital building! The governors office was awesome. I know this is from last years blog, but i’m still responding for the lansing trip we just had!!

    My favorite part was the tour in the capital building! A liked laying down on the glass floor looking up at the dome. It was a really interesting trip. I also liked the old school room in the museum! 😉 I think it was really different comparred to our school classroom these days!

    Well, I hope everyone else had a good time on the trip!! Cya guys at school!

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