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Super Bowl

OK, all you sports fans! Did you watch the Super Bowl? Were you surprised by the Giants’ win? Tell us where you were, who you watched it with and what you thought about the game. Class, feel free to comment on your classmates’ posts.

20 Responses to “Super Bowl”

  1. I didnt really watch the Superbowl but I was just hoping for the Patreets to win. I dont know how to spell it.


  2. I didn’t really care who won, but I was expecting the Patriots to win. I watched a little bit of the Super Bowl with my dad. I only watched the beginning of the game, and the end.

  3. Wow Go giants I was happy for the Giants. The Patriots don’t deserve a super bowl ring. Randy Moss was too selfish. And I think Tom Brady was faking his “sprained ankle”. Jack and you other Patriot fans…… Go GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I loved the Super Bowl it was the best!

  5. i did watch the super bowl at my house my dad had a lot of friends over my old friend came over so we played and watch the game. My mom was so happy that peyton m won the super bowl and got the mvp this year eli m won the super bowl and got the mvp i was shocked!

  6. It was a very good game wouldnt you say?

  7. like abby s i only watched a little bit

  8. wow that was a good game

  9. I think I didn’t watch the beginning, I think I only watched Jordin Sparks sing the National Anthem..

  10. Giants won dolphins kept their rec 14-0! (: ): (: ): (::)

  11. same with abby s

  12. It was a bad day for the patriots

  13. The Super Bowl. Go Giants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. (: (: (: (: (:

  15. For the super bowl I went to a neighborhood party.All my friends were there!It was soooooooo fun!!!!!!I love parties!!!!!We watched the super bowl on tv.I didn’t know who I wanted to win. So I just hung out!My friends and I didn’t really watch the super bowl on tv. We just talked and played games.I had a lot of fun!!!!!!!I hope you guys had fun too!!!! 🙂

    Rachel Carle

  16. Josh the dolphins Should keep thier record, Blaine you r so right the patriots had a bad day

  17. for the super bowl i didn’t care how won. i was chering for both teams
    (: (:

  18. Hello peeps it is 6:20 pm im should be at basketball practice but my dad aint here

  19. I didn’t really care about the superbowl at first. So i went into my room and played with my toys. hten I got really bored and I heard my broter josh and my dad shouting. So i went out to see why they were shouting. Then i decided to watch the superbowl. i wanted the Giants to win. I stayed up to watch the whole game. I was glad the Giants won. Eli Manning really worked hard. Eli really deserved the MVP award. What was your favorite comercial on tv. Mine was the Justin Timbrlake comercial. I loved every comercial though especally the barfing baby commerials. well what can i say. i think that this was the best superbowl ever. Mkhayla

  20. hey this is madison your old student and i liked the superbowl and we had a party on the same night for it nad can you belive it i still have your blog on here . i miss you so muchand i wish you were my 5th grade teacher but i dont think that will happen bye

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