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“Turkeys with Dressing”

All of the fourth graders did a terrific job dressing their turkeys for display in the hallway. Our turkeys will also be part of the decorations for the Thanksgiving dinner on Friday.

Writing descriptively, can you post a comment about your turkey? If your turkey was in a fashion show, how would you describe what your turkey is wearing? Please share a paragraph about your turkey with dressing! I can’t wait to read your post, and I’m sure the rest of your classmates will be reading it too!


33 Responses to ““Turkeys with Dressing””

  1. Claire Turkey

    Today Claire Turkey the model and millionaire is wearing a beautiful purple dress with little colorful beads on. Also the dress has sparkly thread and Claire’s dress has solid gold on too! Her hat is sparkly-pink with feathers and there is a piece of white fur. Claire is wearing a fancy, astonishing, luscious, scarf that matches her adorable hat. Her shoes are just gorgeous with the golden strap. I’m sure Claire is going to win the fashion show! She’ll certainly catch your eye! Once you see her you won’t want to take your eyes off of Claire! Gobble! Gobble!

  2. Thomas Jones
    Look who’s next on the runway. It’s Thomas Jones the all-star running-back for the N.F.L Chicago Bears! He is wearing an authentic red and orange jersey with a Chicago Bears helmet . He has a real N. F. L. paper football. He also has the newest and latest technology cleats . He just told me he also has something to say to you. “ I just have somthing to ask from you people and it’s please! Oh please! Don’t eat me for your Thanksgiving feast. Ok then let’s see who’s up next on the runway.

  3. Elmo The Turkey!

    Elmo! Is running down the runway! Just look at that spunky fur and that huge orange nose! How did he get all that gorgeous red fur? Elmo is way to funky to be dinner! Is’nt he just flattering?! That smile is so appealing. He is just so not original. To top it all off he is just a FashonQueen! I mean fashion King!

  4. Baby Shellie

    Wow! Look who is coming! It’s Baby Shellie! She has dark black eyes, a cute baby suit, and a stupendous baby bottle. She also has astonishing little socks for her feet. She’s soooooooooo cute! Plus she came straight from the baby parlor. She’s as cute as a button! If you look hard enough you will see googol eyes. So PLEASE DON’T EAT ME! Gobble Gobble

  5. Robeturk

    Hi this is Robeturk. Robeturk is a Robot

    Turkey but he likes to be called Robeturk.

    He also has two arms that he uses to clean

    my room. He also can roll to the jobs he

    needs to do for example, he cleans my

    house at any time like right now. So see

    Robeturk work and you will see alot of

    progress. So will you not eat him this


    By: Kyle

  6. Mr. Money

    Up next Mr. Money is especially rich today. He just got a new batch of million dollar feathers. He is on a vary
    tight schedule, so we will make this quick. First, you
    see the smile is bigger than a rainbow . And you see
    his feathers are million dollar bills! What do you
    expect? He’s rich! And he has specially marked dollar
    signs on his boots. To bring it all together, he is richer
    than any of you will ever be!


    Today, Larry, the hot star catcher for the Detroit Tigers, is showing off his his great talent as he comes down the runway. He is wearing a stylish, sporty sports jersey. When he goes to the pros he’ll be a star. Larry’s flashy Celts are as sharp as a razor blade. He has a macho black belt with a big orange D. The bright blue and orange feathers complete his uniform. Larry is a styling, Jazzy turkey. He’ll certainly catch your eye, Larry is the perfect turkey. He’ll be the talk of the Motor City!

  8. JENNY

    Today Jenny is wearing a fancy lacy dress with a hat to match. On the hat the hat there is fancy lace of gold with a flower on it. Jenny has some velvet shoes on and to top it off our Jenny will be fashion queen of all fashion queens.

    by,Sarah Hicks

  9. .

    Grandma Peck

    This time Grandma Peck is wearing a bonnet on top of her fluffy gray hair. Grandma Peck has a grandma style dress with a flattering robe on top. Grandma Peck has hot bunny slippers. She has sparkly blue eyes with a red ruby gobbler like raspberries . The Judges do not know why a grandma is in a fashion show here today, but we’re glad she’s here!

  10. Bob Turkey

    First up on the runway is Bob Turkey. Bob just happens to be wearing this stupendous shirt trying to convince people to eat more chicken. Look,Bob is wearing the astonishing original blue jeans. Those are the most marvelous black shoes with white stripes I’ve ever seen! This outfit would never be Bob’s with out the accessories! Look it’s Bob’s funky colorful feathers. Bob is wearing spunky foam finger saying “Stuff Um!” Bobs wonderful black hat is the topper of this outfit !

  11. I love Thanksgiving

  12. On Blobz To Electric Circuits doesn’t work on my computer, what do I do?

  13. I will not be at school on Valentines day, we are going to Nashville, Tennesse

  14. When I was making turkey it was a lot of fun. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving.

  15. I put my story on here and it’s not here.

  16. What are you doing for Thanksgiving Mrs . McConville

  17. This turkey has never lost a skateboarding contest outside. He draws his power from the sky! I present Turkey Alva!! This turkey is a-m-a-zing! He has some beautiful white trots. (shoes.) Look at that tan, and a Christmas green helmet. If this guy wasn’t a good skateboarder I’m only 2!!!

  18. PJ

    What wonderful footy pajamas PJ is wearing today! PJ has adorable lavender pajamas with big and little pink, purple, and white stars all over it. Looks to me she’s going to a sleep over with all that delicious popcorn spilling out of the bag. And wow what a pretty night hat. It’s the same fabric. And to top it of with a little ball on the top ! How cute! And with her light brown teddy in her wings. Now I notice it the popcorn says Whats the matter with chicken. I don’t think she wants to get eaten this Thanksgiving. Ever thing looks great especially her dazzling blue eyes. Looks to me those pjs are comfy and warm. Ever thing looks great PJ. I know this is the hip of the season. Well that’s all to say how awesome PJ looks.

  19. Bill the Turkey
    Next on the runway we have Bill. He is featured by dressing up as a Piston’s fan. His cool hat sure does look dazzling. Bill must of just got back from Florida because he is sportin’ some fine shades. Bill is stylin’ with dolphin bling bling. Notice how he finishes his athletic outfit by wearing those Chauncy Billups Nikes.

  20. Cadillac
    Looks like the fire is cooking with this camper turkey named Cadillac. He’s walking down the runway with his cloggy fishing boots. He’s wearing a red and white checkered coat trying to impress the ladies. Look at those marvelous binoculars! In his left hand he has ahot camping lamp. In his right hand, looks like he caught some fish there………..three,he caught three fish. I think he caught a raccoon too……….what do you know he did catch a raccoon. He hooked it right on his hat. Looks like Cadillac is turning back around on the runway and going back to his campsite.

  21. Danter

    Today Danter is wearing a shirt with stars of fame and raddical joggy pants ! He smells like funky hot bags of sweat! You know he gotta keep it lovable tippy top. danter is spunky ,than funky,fancy ,than prancy! His shoes are purple dappers it’s the latest style to. Danter is flattering than ever!

  22. Tony

    Today Tony is coming down the runway with is stylish camouflage shirt and pants. Tony was a LT. in WW 2. Tony served in WW 2 for 3 years. He has a spunky personality, and he likes to shoot things up, but don’t eat him or he will chase you around town. That’s terrific Tony so don’t eat him.

  23. Sponge Turkey is the talk of Turkey Town. He had a Sponge Bob look but still has a beak and gobble. He has spunky eyes, and he looks so good you can barely tell he’s a turkey. Sponge Turkey has the selling t-shirt. His mega makeup that’s electric yellow is astonishing. His bold black stripes and striped socks are gorgeous. I love his new outfit!

  24. I am thankful for sisters because I’m never lonely.

    I am thankful for eating turkey because it means I’m going to grow strong.

    I am thankful for cleaning my room because then I can have friends over.

  25. Haley
    Next up on the runway is Haley. Haley will be busy cheering at the games
    at the football game. She is wearing a sporty, fabulous cheer leading outfit. pompoms are red and white with glitter and sequins. Her top is stylish and red. Her skirt is funky with even more glitter. Did I mention she was a fashion queen? It must have took hours to make that outfit! She will turn heads.

  26. Turmaid

    Now here comes Turmaid flipping her gracious ruby red hair. She’s wearing a beautiful dazzling pink spring bikini top. Her scaly tail fin is shining in the sunlight like a diamond ring. To complete her outfit she is wearing unique sequins in all-different colors. I’m sure Turmaids outfit is going to be the trend of the year! She looks so dazzling!

  27. Turkey Holmes

    Turkey has everything Sherlock has. He has the coat, the pipe, and the black, shiny shoes. He is bold like a predator. His outfit is stupendous. He has a brain as big as a horseshoe, and he has a partner named Dr. Tackson. Sometimes some criminals can aggravate him. That is who Turkey Holmes is. I hope he goes to the country Turkey for Thanksgiving. He is as smart as a court judge and as fast as an African antelope.

  28. Next on the runway is Mr. T. He is sporting a jazzy orange and blue pattered vest with rhinestone buttons. He also has on a bold, black and gray polka-dotted tie and matching hat adorned with rinestone trim. On his feet are orange and white boots. Rhinestones make the boots sparkle! He’ll certainly cathch your eye as he trots down the runway!

  29. I think “Turkeys with Dressing” was very fun and descriptive!

  30. I love reading all of your turkey descriptions. Be sure to share them with your parents!

  31. Hi Mrs. McConville how are you doing. I am having turkey dinner at my Uncles house. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

    From ZAch

  32. I miss you Mrs. McConville!!!!

  33. Duke

    Up next is Duke. Duke has a flattering fuzzy hat on. With that super skateboard he will do some serious damage. Today Duke is wearing a dark, jazzy red shirt .Those army shoes will give some good points. Look at that turk go. WOW ! Look at that BLING on that turkey . More points for that one. That turkey is very stylish.

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