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Spelling Words for 3-30-07

March 26, 2007

Here’s this week’s list: Words with -ed or -ing dancing skipped hiking flipped snapping raced landed pleasing checking dared dimmed rubbing striped wasting traced stripped tanning smelling phoning fainted

Spelling List for test on 3-9-07

March 7, 2007

Frequently Misspelled Words: tonight whole while could world writing build school finished morning coming stopped getting goes going happened received believe quit quite

Spelling Words for test on March 2

February 28, 2007

railroad airport seat belt everywhere homesick understanded background anything ninety-nine already fireplace ourselves all right forever breakfast whenever everything meanwhile afternoon make-believe

Spelling words for test on 2-9-07 (Note second date change!)

February 2, 2007

Because of our snow days, our spelling test has been postponed till Wed. Here are the words: horse chore firm learn dirty curve world pure board course heard return cure score worm thirteen worn curl shirt search

Spelling Words for the week of Dec. 18

December 18, 2006

This week’s words are words that are misspelled often in our writing in our classwork and also on our blog. always wrapped Christmas reindeer disappointed carefully reasons are supposed route their they’re there holiday our

Spelling Words for week of Dec. 11

December 12, 2006

wood brook tool put wool push full roof group prove stood stool hook smooth shoot bush fool pull soup move Many of you did great on the pretest. Now it’s your chance to select some words that challenge you and that you will use in your writing. Please make sure that you choose your extra […]

Spelling Words for Week of 12-4

December 4, 2006

Frequently Misspelled Words a lot other another anyone every someone myself family friend people again anything anyway everyone first beautiful clothes cousin everybody weird Now after you learn them, work hard to spell these words correctly in your every day writing!