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October 28, 2007

Wednesday is Halloween! What are you going to be? Did you buy your costume or design it yourself? Where do you go trick or treating and who do you go with? I plan to take your picture at our Halloween party and we’ll put some on the blog. Post a comment! Mrs. McC


October 9, 2007

Well, we started the BIG TEST today! What do you think? Do you think you did fairly well on it? What was the hardest part so far? Did going to Study Island help?  Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep and eat a good breakfast!  It really does make a difference!    


October 4, 2007

Wow! It looks like you got the hang of blogging quickly. Remember the rest of the class and others (like parents etc.) can read what you write, so try to be as clear as possible, spell correctly, and never mention anyone in a negative way or use their last names. Here’s a prompt for you […]

Welcome to Room 119’s Blog!

August 21, 2007

Last year my students really got into blogging!  Now it’s time for you to try it too.  We’ve been in school for about 5 weeks and I want to know what you like about the fourth grade.  Tell me about your favorites – classes, subjects, times?  What has been the best part of this new […]

Summer Fun!

August 20, 2007

What did you do this summer? Lots of traveling and exciting things have been happening! The three fourth grade teachers went to Chicago on the train. Here we are reflected in one of the awesome sculptures in Millennium Park!  Post a comment and share your summer stories.

Blogging Pioneers

April 19, 2007

This year we have been blogging pioneers! So, I want to know what do you think of blogging? What did you like about it? What worked well for you? Did you comment on other kid’s writings? Would you recommend that we do this blogging again in fourth grade next year? Would you like your own […]

Our Trip to Lansing – the Capitol Building and the Michigan Historical Museum

March 30, 2007

Our class went on a great field trip to Lansing this week. We were very excited to not only tour the Michigan Historical Museum and the Capitol building, but also we were able to meet with Representative Proos and Senator Jelenik. As a class we were even introduced in the House. When asked what part […]

Happy Spring Break!

March 29, 2007

What are you doing on your week off? Where are you going? Who are you going to see? What kinds of fun things do you have planned? Post a comment for your classmates and feel free to respond to your classmate’s posts. Enjoy your time off!

Video Conference with our Friends in Wales

March 22, 2007

Check out this link to see what Ben said about our video conference with Wales. It’s titled “Giggling and Poetry Across the Atlantic.” You have to go down the page a little way to find it. Then you can make a comment on the MACUL blog! Click here for the website.

Sailing Away with the Arts

March 5, 2007

Congratulations to the fourth graders from our class that did such an outstanding job Saturday.  You are so talented, and it was fun to watch you perform!  Great job Zach, Alex, Heather, Nick, Peter, Sarah, Meagan, Amy, Melanie and Andy!  If you attended the Creative Arts Festival on Saturday, what did you like best and […]