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Summer Book Recommendations

festival_of_booksWhat are you reading this summer?  Please write up a short commercial for the book that you recommend.  Don’t give away the secrets of the book, but try to persuade your classmates to read it!

6 Responses to “Summer Book Recommendations”

  1. Hay class mates I think you should Tuseday’s child if you love baseball because this kid loves to be pitcher in baseball but her parents made her do ballet on the same day as baseball!!! Fnd out what happens?

  2. I think you should read the book called Lad: A Dog. Yea, weird title and good book. Have a great summer people!

  3. I think you guys should read Travel Team or The Big Field by Mike Lupica. It was the best book I read all year. It ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You people should defenetlly read them. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Mrs.McConville I can’t find a book to read I was just wondering if you recommend a book?

  5. I think you should read the book called Treasure Island (Penguin Popular Classics)Yea weird title and good book.Have a great summer people.

  6. Ciao bonaria! Ti ho scoperta qualche settimana fa per caso, ma sono tornata giu00e0 diverse volte a leggerti e ri-leggerti con interesse. Gli argoment Click

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