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Welcome to my new fourth graders!

We have been together just 7 days!  So what do you think of fourth grade so far?  What has surprised you?  How do you think this year will be for you?  Is there anything that worries you?  Do you think this will be a successful year for you?  Post your comment!

47 Responses to “Welcome to my new fourth graders!”

  1. I am practicing writing a comment to show my class.

  2. I like this.

  3. I love 4th Grade. It’s so cool.

  4. I think 4th grade is cool.

  5. Mrs McConville Rocks!!!!!

  6. 4th grade ROCKS!

  7. I think this year is going to be sweet!!!!!!!!

  8. I can’t wait to go to Lansing.

  9. Mrs.Mcconville you are the best teacher ever.I can’t wait to go Lansing.

  10. I think this year is goin to be so fun!!!! I love MINI ECONOME!!!! And we have the best teacher ever I LOVE 4TH grade!!!Acttule I think every thing is going to be fun!!!!!!!!OH!and I so agree with Sundip and Alex about Lansing I can’t wait for Lansing either!!!!!!!!Mrs.miconville+4TH grade+a hole bunch of other awsome kids=FUN!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Who else LOVES this blog thing?Because I LOVE it!!!

  12. I’m suprised Trent hasen’t uesed this thing yet.aren’t you????

  13. I like to say random things.a LOT…

  14. If you LOVE 4TH grade too say yes 4 times….

  15. OH I can’t wait until we do that clay project in art.I can’t wait it sounds so fun just becase it has the word caly in it….

  16. yah,I agree with Natalie

  17. 4th grade is so awsome.I can’t wait till the auther of The Orphain Train comes.By the way, what is her name again.Jenny Phennagopilis?can’t wait!!!:)

  18. I’m can’t wait for Winter to come!!!!I mean snowball fights,snowmen,Christmas new toy’s for us,see family,sleding,snowboarding,skiing.

  19. I’m sorry I missed school, but I had to go to Temple for Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year. This year it is 5769.

  20. How many days till next couter?

  21. Julia, The last day of the first quarter is Oct. 31. The second quarter begins on Nov. 3.

  22. I LOVE having Mrs.McC for a teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is soooo nice. I’m sooo happy that we get to go on all our fild trips!!!!!!!!! How canyou look at other peoples Bloges.

  23. I maen survay

  24. Mrs.McC how can you look at other peoples survay? I think when we read survays we should be able to coment on it.

  25. When are we going to Lansing? Whe are we doing lighthouses. My brother, Jason, did it last year. It took 5 days. Mrs. McC, do you remember Jason? He was in Bittenbendor’s class. Please tell me if you do or don’t. Also, why did Natalies comment get erased from the blog? +Please write back(and don’t erase it like Nat’s(Natalie)please).

  26. Why do you like cheese

  27. garrett whats you favorite color

  28. where is what?

  29. Dude you are hogging the blog


  31. McC, Thanks for being a AWESOME teacher! I have learned A LOT!

  32. I like Cheese From Marisa

  33. Trent is over and he has a pet monkey named Poof!

  34. Garrett are you there.

  35. Joey, Trent is still at my house.

  36. Awesome.

  37. Im here

  38. McC, I fineshed Hoot

  39. Mrs. McConville, when are we going to Lansing? I really want to go:)

  40. Thamk you for erasing them Mrs. McC

  41. Yes! Todays a snow day!

  42. Enjoy your snowy day! I hope you can get outside and play in the snow today. See you on Monday.

    Mrs. McC

  43. timz attack is soo cool THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. That one that says When does the couter end by julia. WAS NOT ME! Somebody used my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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