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Survival in the 4th Grade

OK, class, this is your chance to help next year’s 4th graders have a great school year.  What are your recommendations to survive the 4th grade.  Post your comment here for everyone to see!

Mrs. McC.

19 Responses to “Survival in the 4th Grade”

  1. It’s really easy to survive in the fourth grade if you know how to. You have to remember to do all of your homework and turn it in on time. Don’t rush on it, or else you’ll probably get something wrong. Make sure that you listen to Mrs. McC so you will get it. If the test is the next day, remember to bring everything home that you need to study. Don’t forget to bring something home that you need to, so don’t rush packing up to go home. Anyways, good luck to the future fourth graders! 🙂

    -Abby S.

  2. Never forget to do your homework unless you have a late pass or a free pass that Mrs. McC gives you. If you forget to do your homework, you’ll get in trouble. Big time. Pay attention in class so you know what will be on the test. MEAPs = Scary. Good luck! 🙂

  3. heres one pice of advice never forget your HOMEWORK!!!You`ll
    have alot of homework


  4. Get you homework done.

  5. Make a study sheet before your test,so you can study of of it!

  6. It is really easy to survive in 4th grade. Here are some things you may want to follow: Never forget your homework, try not to get fines, pay attention in class so you know aht to do, study for all your tests, and most of all have fun! Good luck future 4th graders!! 🙂

  7. aht^ is what! oops!

  8. Mrs. McConville’s fourth grade class if you watn to survive teh fourth grade always and I mean always get your homework in on time.

  9. Never forget homework are you will be in trouble. be good not bad. be cool. be awsome. be nice,and rock on.

  10. i think you might have to do your homework done my goal was not use all your late passes

  11. hey yall whats crackel-lacken?This is corey coming live from E.P.CLARKE to share with you how to survive the fourth grade!first of all you need to make sure that you get ALL of your homework done and I mean ALL OF IT

  12. If you want to surive fourth grade just follow these tips: try not to get fines, don’t forget your homework, and be ready for a lot of homework cause you will have a lot.


  13. Well it’s really easy if you ask me. All you have to do is turn in you’re homework on time, pay attention in class, and follow the rules. If you can’t do these things then you’ll just have to PAY!!!!

  14. how to survive 4th grade is to do your home work and do your best on home work and tests and you will pass 4th grade

  15. Fourth grade is easy to survive if yu know how to.
    First, you’ll need a friend that you can play with at recess.It’s always more fun to be in a group of friends instead of having one best friend.Always study for a test really hard. Mrs.Mcc will always review for ss tests with game quizzard the day before the test. If Mrs.Mcc is explaining a homework assighnment be listening so you understand it and get a good grade.Always write in cursive unless Mrs.Mcc says you don’t need to. I know that was problem of mine. When it gets toward the end of the year don’t be lazy and slack on your work. If you use my advice I’m sure you’ll survive fourth grade.Good luck!!!! 🙂

  16. Hi Mirs McConville I think fouht grade is easy. Ive never liked since befor and now I love it! My favorite part of since is electricity its cool!

  17. im in fourth grade and the sixth graders hate me help!

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  19. just try to be a teachers pet and do your homework thats what i did last year.

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