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Reflections of Fourth Grade

This has been a great year and a great class. I have truly enjoyed each one of you with your unique gifts and abilities! What did you like about this year? What were your favorite activities, classes or trips? What do you want to remember about your fourth grade year? Post a comment!

Mrs. McC.

19 Responses to “Reflections of Fourth Grade”

  1. I loved this year! I’ll be so sad when the school year is over. I’m looking forward to going to fifth grade, though. My favorite trip was going to Lansing. It was super fun!! Inside of the capitol building, the walls were so beautiful. They were very detailed, too. I’m going to miss fourth grade! 😦

    -Abby S.

  2. I’m going to really miss the fourth grade, but I really can’t wait for fifth. Fifth grade will give me some new responsibilities. But it also means I have to watch more closely, because if you do anything wrong in fifth grade you get BUSTED!! My favorite part about the fourth grade was going to Lansing. The museum was very cool, and so was the capitol building. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m really going to miss the 4th grade, but I really can’t wait till fifth grade because you get to go on the news team, and your the leaders of the school. My favorite field trip was Lansing. My favorite part about Lansing was the tour in the capital building and the bus ride! I hope everyone next year has a great year like I did! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  4. hey guys. Whats up? I’m really going to miss this year. My favorite trip was when we went to Lansing. I loved the Lansing capitol building. But, I loved the Michigan museum more. Not only did I get to see how the indian tribes lived, but how Henry Ford lived. I also liked calling all colors. I learned that no matter what color we are. We are the same and should not be treated differently. I can’t wait till grade 5 and will very much miss grade 4. in fift grade we get to do softball games,the news team,do lunch duty in the office,help the lunch ladies, and be hall monitor. What i mean is in fifth grade we are concidered more mature and have more responsibilityies. The one thing I don’t like about fifth grade is that we are the oldest in the school, but when we get to sixth grade we are the youngest in the school. But doesn’t that mean we are the cutest? Like Brooke said, if we do someting bad, we’re busted. so be good, because we are romodels for the whole school. I’m really going to miss mini-econemy, doing auctions,the store,or market place ( that was my favorite). I really enjoyed learning to play the recorder and doing the play. The track meet was awsome. I’m so glad we won. my favorite activity was th e shot put.I can’t wait until the conoeing trip. Well thanks for being great friends.

    from mikhayla

  5. hey if you are in fourth grade it is kind of hard. you can survive fourth grade by doing all your assimments and listen to your teacher and barly get late assinments

  6. This year was the best school year I ever had! But I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad that it will be over in 3 days. I loved everything about it. I remembor most about was when we went on all our feild trips. I also remember sitting 2 time in a row with a group of all boys. I was kind of upset about that, but I lived through it, and it wasn’t that bad. My favorite activity was all the parties we had. We had one for practically EVERY HOLIDAY! They were a lot of fun. I hope you all have a AWESOME SUMMER!

  7. i loved 4th grade my favorite trip was Lansing i loved the doom it was huge and very beautiful i really liked all the kids i really am going to miss 4th grade:)

  8. Have fun. Try not to get in trudel. And stay away from boles. This is how I sur vieved the fourth grade

  9. Fourth grade is my best year. Math and social studies are my best classes. Going to lansing was relly fun. I’m looking forward to fifth grade and the canoeing trip. i made more freinds and looking orward to next year c ya!

  10. hey, this has been a great year! i am having a great year with my bff jenna! thank you for being so nice to me every one πŸ™‚ It has been so so so fun! i can’t wait til the canoeing trip!!! it will be so much fun! have a wounderful summer:) hopfully i will see all of you this summer! talk to you later.


  11. I loved this year! I’m looking forword to fifth grade and helping out in the office. I really enjoyed the track meet and am glad we did so goood. Well that’s all for now, I’ll be back this summer!!!

  12. what are you guys doin’ over the summer can you tell me?

  13. surviving fourth grade ain’;t that hard πŸ™‚ you just have to listen tothe teacher and pay attention

  14. Fourth Grade was a blast. I have learned so much in the past few months. When I came here I could barely even remember how to do multiplecation and division. The feild trips where my favorite Lansing had the coolest museum I had ever seen all though the only other museum I have seen is the Chicago Museum

  15. I loved the school year my favorite was all the homework. It kept me in shape all year.

  16. the only thing you need to know is just because the teacher is`nt looking does`nt mean she cant see you. (she has eyes in the back of her head)


  17. Fourth grade is so cool!I loved all of the trips! They were all fun!But,I think that the canoing will be my favorite!I love outdoor trips!They are so fun!
    I really want to remember all the class trips that we have gone on!My favorite thing to do in class is spelling.I really liked when we got to make Mother’s
    Day booklets.My mom loved mine.That is why I LOVE fourth grade!I will really miss fourth grade!

  18. This year has been a great year. Even though I already posted a comment, i’m leaving some more. I really can’t wait to go canoing, and the school picnic. I can’t wait till 5th grade when we get to do all sort of jobs like lunch room duty, office help, safety patrol, new team, and all sort of others. Plus the leaders of the school! I did meet 2 fun people: Madalena and Rachel C. This year is a fun year because we get to learn all about Michigan n Social Studies. My favorite subjects in school are gym, music, spelling, recess, and art. I has such a great time this year!! I hope everyone had a good year like me!! πŸ™‚

  19. my favorite part about foruth grade was going to Lansing.
    i had a great time there.

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