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It’s About Time!

Wow! We have neglected our blog lately. Now I’ve changed the look to a spring theme,  and it’s time for all of you to put your thoughts down about how the school year has gone for you. We don’t have many days left and I want you to leave a comment about your highs and lows for this year. Who wants to start???

Mrs. McConville

16 Responses to “It’s About Time!”

  1. Hey class, I think that this year was one of the best ever.Especally with Mrs. McConnvile as our teacher. Sorry Mrs. mcConnvile. Even though I’ve learned a lot this year, there is one thing I haven’t learned… how to spell your name. Did I spell it rigt this time.I can’t believe that there are only 26 days left. Well guys, let’s make the best of it. It’s not every year you get a teacher like ours.:)

  2. Hey class! I think this year has been one of the most funnist years to me. It has been great having you as my teacher Mrs.McC. I can’t wait till we do the track meet. It was so much fun last year… 🙂 😀 Spring is my favorite time! Except I sneeze alot during Spring time.

    It has been a really great year this year and I can’t believe theres only 26 more days of school!! At least we get to sleep in over Summer Vacation!!! And swim in my pool! The school years is almost done so try and get all your grades up to all A’s even me!


  3. Hi! I can’t believe how fast the year has gone. We only have, like, 20 something days left. 😦 This was the best year ever. Before you know it, we’ll be going to Upton because time goes so fast. At least over summer it’s warm and swimming is fun when you’re outside. 🙂

  4. OMG! This year has gone by realy fast. I am excited for 5th grade, but I am reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly going to miss this classroom. Mrs. McC, you are the best teacher in the WORLD! I am going to miss your teaching a lot. I liked everything about this year. There is not one thing that I didn’t like. Everyone, I hope you had as much fun as i did this year.

  5. YO!!! Ithink that the bus ride to Lansing was tthe best part of this year but it was realy cool when I noticed that the year was flying by I am still very excited to see my n ew midway progress report:):):):):^)MINY ECONIMY IS AWESOME

  6. this year is the best LOL OMG it gone by so fast i am going to miss mrs mcC she is the best she always makes stuff so fun i can not wait till 5th grade but i am really going to miss her and the classroom everything was so not boring:)

  7. I love this year!! This is the best year i ever had! The best thing i like in 4th grade is that I have a lot of fun and my teacher is the best 🙂 BEST YEAR EVER!!

  8. YO THIS YEAR WAS SO NOT WIGGITY WIGGITY WACK DOG!!! LOL!:):):)omgMRS.McC is awesome and she makes everything fun:) to bad we have to go to fifth grade and leave her:(:(:( I am going to miss the forth grade it was so fun!! and it was the best school year ever
    it is going to be so fun @ the the track meet ! MRS. McC is the number one teacher :):):)

  9. It is a lot different from Louisiana!! My teacher is nicer, we get snacks, we get a recess!! But the day is longer 😦 I like this shool better though. 🙂 And the Pricible is way way way better!!!

  10. Thanks for all of your positive comments! We’ve had a great year together. I’m anxious to hear from the rest of the class! Welcome to our new student, Raven! We’re happy to have you join us!

    Mrs. McC

  11. I absoulty adored this year because I got the BEST teacher in the school… Mrs. McConville!! Thank you for the great school year.


  12. I love this year! My favorite part is Mrs. McC.

  13. My favorite part about school is feedingthe anamils.Feeding the anamils is the best part of science

  14. Hey guys!ThIs year was the best!I really liked all the trips that we went to.I also really really like mini economy.Fourth grade is the BEST!!!!!!!!

  15. i think it has been the best year ever! All of Ya’ll has been so nice to me:) i can’t wait till summer! what are you all going to do this summer?
    i am going to Louisiana, Florida, some where in michigan, maybe Pallys island with my cosins and a lot of camps. see ya later:)

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