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Check out our new holiday theme!

What do you think of our new theme?  What are your plans for the Christmas holidays?  Post a comment!

Mrs. McC.

16 Responses to “Check out our new holiday theme!”

  1. What’s up everybody? Do you have any plans for the holidays? I have a complete day filled up for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! On Christmas Eve my family and I are going to a church service. Then, if our moms say yes, my cousin is coming over for a sleepover that night. In the morning, my family is going to drop our cousin, Michael, over at his house. ( It’s not that big of a deal because he lives 5 minutes away! ) Then we will come back to our house and open presants and look in our stockings. Finally, we will go over to Michael’s house and meet up with the rest of my family. We will have dinner there and hang out together.

    OK, I know that it seems like I wrote a lot, but I know that it will go by VERY fast. It always does. Like everyone says, ” Time flies when your having fun!!”

    See you,

  2. I really like the new theme! My family is going to have a really big Christmas Party all of our relitives are coming.On my Mom’s side they are not coming. During Christmas Break we are going down to see them. And we have more during Christmas break.

    _ Emily

  3. Tacy I really like yours. You are so lucky my cousins live 3 hours away from us. Oh, we both tyed ours at the same time: )

  4. WHat is some one doing for Chisristmas?

  5. I like are theme a lot. It is reeally cool. My plans for the holodays are that we are going to my aunt and unkels house.

  6. I like this new theme a lot! I am staying at my house for Christmas. The biggest thing I have on my wish list is a Camcorder. What is the biggest thing that you have on your wish list?

    – Abby S.

  7. I love the new theme! For Christmas I don’t go anywhere far away.I go to four places in St.Joe.My Grandma and Grandpa’s house, my other Grandma and Grandpa’s house, then I go to my other Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and of course my house.Merry Christmas!

  8. I wood like to have a Chisristmam partty with cookies and fun games for a Chisristmas partty at sckool.

  9. For the holidays, my friend Keeton is coming from Washington. She used to be my old neighbor. I think the new theme is cool. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas!!!!



  10. dear Mrs McConville
    I am so excited about our Christmas break. I am going to my grandma’s house. Where are you going? Well see you later bie!


  11. Marry Christmas too all and all a good night. And this is Santa. Don’t pay atacon to Andy

  12. Hey guys again!!!!! I forgot to ask you guys what are you doing for the holidays??? And what is your favorite holiday??? I can’t wait till New Years Eve!!! It will be a new years!!! Have a great 2008!!

  13. HI The new theme is awesome. Like Emily said we will have a big party at our house(the first yeart because it’s a new house.) Bye for now Happy Holidays!


  14. Hey guys!! It’s Saturday so i’m just on the blog!!! 🙂 have a good christmas!!!!!


  15. Dear Mrs.Mcconvile,
    I just wanted to check in on the blog to see the changes you’ve made and wow! I remember when Zach and I were ginny pigs on the the blog. Also I see a lot of changes in the blog. There are a few questions I would like to ask though, like, who are the class clowns. I knew who they were last year! Anyway now I’m in Mrs. Searfoss’s class and we are having a heck of a time. Right now we are making poems about our parents for a Christmas gift. In science we are making complex machines with Mr. Jager. In Mrs. Eller’s class we are learning about fractions. Also in social studies we are learning about American History. I really like history and math. I have benefited from learning all about Miichigan’s history last year so encourage your kids in your class to pay attention. Anyway I just wanted to check in on rom 119 so merry Christmas!

  16. Hey Peter,
    Thanks for checking out this year’s blog! Sounds like you are enjoying 5th grade. I knew you would! I miss you this year.

    My husband and I are on our way to Iceland for my nephew’s wedding! We are so excited.

    I’ll see you in January!

    Mrs. McC

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