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Well, we started the BIG TEST today! What do you think? Do you think you did fairly well on it? What was the hardest part so far? Did going to Study Island help?  Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep and eat a good breakfast!  It really does make a difference!



21 Responses to “MEAP!”

  1. to mrs mcC
    the meap is really fun it is a little tricky though.

  2. Dear Mrs. McC, I think that the MEEP is fun and easy.

  3. I think MEEP is fun.I think math is hard.


  4. Dear Mrs. McC,
    I think that the MEAP was easy!! I can’t wait to do it today 🙂

    Abby S.

  5. Dear Mrs. McC,
    I really like the MEAP test because it is both challenging and fun. I can’t wait for the Math MEAP test to start because that is my favorite subject.
    Got to go

  6. hi it was easy and fun. By now

  7. Dear Mrs McC,
    I think the MEAP TEST was really fun 🙂 I hope the St. Joe Bears win!!! I’m going to the game and i’m going with Mikhayla and Rachel C. Were going to have lots of fun tonight. 🙂 I guess i’ll see you Monday!!! Have a good weekend!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Dear Mrs. McC,
    The math M.E.A.P. was really fun!! Well, the first one was a little tricky though!! I can’t wait till our trip to the Herritage Center!! It will be fun because I have NEVER been there. What are we going to do there?? That Parent/Child was pretty easy. It was cool though because Austin brought in the picture of him gold panning and the Parent/Child was about going back in time to when the gold rush started!! Have a good weekend!!

    P.S. Who won?? If you know please write back.

  9. mrs.McConville

    my meap’s this year we are done with Math & L.A. one more to do .I forgot about study island they didn’t say any thing .I miss E.P..


  10. Dear Mrs. McC,

    The Math MEAPs are pretty easy. I can’t believe that we are almost done with our MEAP!!

    Abby S.

  11. Madie,
    Im responding back….. The St.Joe Bears won!!! We are undeafeted!Thanks for asking!!!


  12. Mrs.McConville,
    The MATH MEAP TEST is alittle tricky. But at some points it becomes easy.:) I like doing the MEAP TEST!!! Its really fun. I hope you had a good weekend and i’ll see you at school tomorrow!!!!!



  13. how many likes football? I do.

  14. Jordan I like football

  15. Dear Mrs.McC the math MEAP wasn’t that hard

  16. I can’t belive that were DONE with the MEAP.

  17. Dear Mrs.McC Yes going to Study Island did help

  18. Jordan,
    I like football. The bears are really good 10-0!!!!!! It’s amazing!! see ya Monday!!!!!!

  19. Mrs McC,
    I really like blogging? When are you going to swich the MEAP thing?I’m just wondering. Its been up there a little while. On Wednesday its Halloween!!! What do you think were gonig to do at the party? I think every party in classrooms are fun! 🙂 Sometimes its a little scarey at night time going trick-or-treating! :$ My favorite holiday is either Christmas or Halloween. Can any one tell me their favorite holiday?

  20. MESSED UP!!! I really like blogging!!!!

  21. Tomorrow is Halloween! It is Party Time! Wooooo!!!!Opps got to go.


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