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A Very Important Day Activity **Extra Credit

We read about different families who traveled to New York City to become citizens of the United States of America. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know where your family comes from? Talk to your parents to trace your family roots and find out where your ancestors came from and how they came to the United States. Please share your stories by writing a comment!

Ms. L

**Worth half of your ec card.

7 Responses to “A Very Important Day Activity **Extra Credit”

  1. I am Dutch, Irish, French, Scottish and Swedish, and my relatives got here by ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean. My papa was from Ireland, France and Scotland. My nana was from Swedan. My dad was from Holland, and my mom was from Ireland, Scotland, France, and Swedan. My grampa was from Holland, and my grandma was from Scotland. I have all those backgrounds.

  2. That’s really neat Zach. Was it surprising to find out where your family comes from or did you already know? Thanks for the comment.

  3. I’m completely Dutch. My Great Grandma on my Dad’s side came to Canada from Holland, and then moved to the U.S.A. My Great Grandpa on my Mom’s side came into Ellis island from Holland. It’s really cool only having one background.

  4. Meagan,
    Thanks for the comment! It’s interesting to find out that your family came into the United States through Ellis Island.

  5. My family is Dutch, Irish, and German. My dad’s Grandparents came from Germany.

  6. That is really cool Kyle. I hope you learned about your heritage and where you come from.

  7. My background is varied too. My mother’s side is from Germany, and my father’s family is from England and Switzerland. My husband’s family is from Ireland, and Holland, so my kids are German, English, Swiss, Irish and Dutch! Wow! American is truly a melting pot!

    Mrs. McC

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