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Another Snow Day!

Wow!  This one surprised me, but here I am at home blogging you!  Just to give you an update, our Valentine’s Day Party will be on Tuesday, Feb. 20 right after last recess.  I’m sure you were all ready for that today with all of your valentines.

I also left a long message on the homework hotline to let you know that I will give your parents some information on a conclusion paragraph for your lighthouse report.  That way you can finish up the rough draft at home and even get a start on typing it.  Please save it at home so if you need to make changes you can do that.  Also, I want you to save it so that you can go to the classwork page and copy and paste your lighthouse report into a new post (don’t forget to check off your name).  Remember you won’t see it right away because I have to put it on the blog.

If your parents aren’t sure of their conference time tomorrow, they can call me at home today.  Enjoy your snow day!

Mrs. McC

5 Responses to “Another Snow Day!”

  1. I am so happy!

  2. Yeah now we have a 6 day weekend!!!!! i really can’t belive it , but that means we’ll have to make up June 4 now…….well so far at least.

  3. If we Have another snow day!, we;er going to have more days of school and that stinks!!, but the snow days are nice when you get to relax!

    By: Melanie

  4. It was awsome! It’s to bad we have to make up a day in the summer.

  5. That was so asom I had so mush fun.

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