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It’s a blizzard!

It’s Sunday afternoon and I have just come in from shoveling off our upper deck. My husband and I are always careful about not having too much weight on that deck, so we have to shovel it! Our road has not been plowed and our driveway has about 17″ of snow! I wonder when it will stop snowing long enough for the plows to start their work. What is it like at your house? Have you played in the snow today? Let’s find out what everyone is doing… your comment!

15 Responses to “It’s a blizzard!”

  1. We have a lot of snow at our house also. I have no clue how many inches. I have played out in the snow. The snow finally stopped. I I hope we have a snowday tomorrow. Do you? I am having a lot of fun today playing in the snow.

  2. I can’t believe we got a snow day. I have about 21 inches of snow at my house!

  3. My uncle gave us his snow plow, and so we have a big hill to sledding down. My cousin and I have a snow fort right at the end of the hill. I also made a slide to get into the fort.

  4. Hey. I also went outside, and I also shoveled. It stunk a lot, but it still was some good days off!

  5. I can’t believe how much snow. It is up to my knees! We have been going on the snowmobiles on the snowdays.

  6. I am so glad we had a snow day today I hope we have one tomorrow! I have about 20″ of snow in our yard. I played in the snow with my sister a lot. I also went to Madison’s house, and we went on her snowmobile. I had a blast!!!! I predict that we are going to have a snow day. What my sister told me to do was to whisper to two ice cubes and say “snow day” to them and then you drop them into the toilet and flush it. I think its kinda weird. When we were all in bed my sister’s friend called at 10:00 P.M.! She said her brother’s coach called and said there was a snow day. I was so happy, and my mom let us stay up for another half an hour! Boy. did I have fun!

  7. I am super glad that we had a snowday!!!!! I had to help with the daycare kids!!!! It was pretty fun!!! I was stuck inside. I also went to the movies to see Night at the Museum!!! It was a lot of fun!!!!

  8. I loved the snow days too! After driving on I94 to and from Detroit on Saturday and Monday, I was so glad to be back in my warm house. It was very dangerous on the roads. I’m glad everyone came back to school safely today!

  9. Thje blizzard is here but the snow is not as much as before well the snow is still a lot of fun remeber have fun and safe!

  10. Thje blizzard is here but the snow is not as much as before well the snow is still a lot of fun remeber have fun and safe for at least a day or two!

  11. Mrs.McC. I was wondering how to tipe a post and have people tipe back.

  12. How do you fix something if you tipe a word wrong after you send it.

  13. Zach, I know I can edit something if I want to change it, but I’m not sure you can. Just let me know and I can fix anything that needs fixing. Enjoy your snow day.

    Mrs. McC.

  14. i hope we have a snow day tomarrow cause i really want it to be. I will whisper to icecubes tonight and hopefully we will have one


  15. I can’t believe we’ve had six or five snow days right in a row! I’ve never had that many snow days in my life, but it sure is fun!

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