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Check out our Classwork page

Our Classwork page has been updated and now you can easily see all of your posts.  You can also sort the posts by topics such as Thanksgiving Twists, Nick letters and Santa letters.  What should our new topic be????

7 Responses to “Check out our Classwork page”

  1. I broke my rist last night at the ice skating rink.


  2. Wow, Zach, I’m so sorry to hear that! Which wrist? Is it in a cast???

    Mrs. McC.

  3. It is my left wrist and I might get it casted tomarrow.

  4. I am sorry about that. I had staples in my head, and it hurt!

  5. This is what I am thinking about saying for the board meeting on Monday. How do you like it? You can blog from anywhere in the country; Traverse City, Chicago, and even Florida. You can blog where you want whenever you want. I love to see what new posts are up and what new I can comment on. Blogging helps me stay connected to my classmates wherever I am.

  6. This is what I am thinking about saying at the board meeting.You can comment on anything you want like a story or headline on the blog. Any body can see what you wrote so you have to be careful about your composition and puncuation marks. the reason i go on the blog is because you can see what people our doing over breaks.

  7. Andy and Zach, Your ideas sound great. We will practice it tomorrow.

    Mrs. McC

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