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Back to it!

Here we are all rested from our Thanksgiving break and ready to learn, learn, learn!  What is your favorite subject this year and why?  What have you learned in fourth grade that really interests you?  Post a comment!

8 Responses to “Back to it!”

  1. My favorite subject is Social Studies, because I love to learn about our region. I’ve been learning a lot this year, and I think I will improve even more for fifth grade. I’m glad I’m learning a lot!

  2. Dear Mrs. McConville,
    I was wondering when we can finish the new Thomas Edison movie. I just love it. See ya at school!

    From Peter Kim

  3. I know that Tomas Edison movie is really good. It is fun to watch. See you at school tomorrow. Have a good day!!!
    from zach

  4. The thing I like most about myself is that I am athletic because I am great at football, baseball, and soccer. The thing I like least about myself is that I am small so sometimes I get hit hard in footboll.

  5. Halloween was the best this year. I=went to the Batson’s hose for it. I Trickertread in two naberhoods. After that we started to have a sord fite. teenagers agenst the other kids. It went on for two hours. Then the moms had to rooin the fun. we started to jump on the tramp. After that we had to go. And I was done for the night.

    by Madison 13

  6. If I could be character in Dragon Rider I would want to be Sorral. I want to be him because he is a nasty pest. She always is yelling at people and telling people what to do. I wish I could do that to my brother because he always picks on me. In the story he is always picking on Twigleg and Ben.


  7. Writting
    I enjoy writing because it gets you started on what you want to write. I like to write notes to other people because you get to see what they are doing instead of looking over your shoulder.
    So that’s why I enjoy writing.
    The End.

  8. I wish I nwould of brang my journal home to tipe my letter. Shouger beans.


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