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A Science activity to try!

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

Here is a really great site that introduces electric circuits and then tests your knowledge. Try out the activities and see if you can get a top score and get a certificate. This site is an excellent way to review for our science test next week!

Let everyone know what you think of the site and the activities in a comment after this post.

11 Responses to “A Science activity to try!”

  1. That science game was awesome! I scored 5 out of 5 on all but one quiz. That one I scored 4 out of 5. I love that game!!!!!

    Congrats! You have EC in science!

  2. hellow Mrs. McConville.

    Hi Peter, I’m glad you checked out the blog. I will be putting more things up on the blog soon.

  3. Hello Mrs. McConville
    Hi Amy, I’m glad you checked out the blog!

  4. How do you play the science game? I can’t find it.
    Did you find the science site yet, Amy? If not, let me know, and I will help you on Monday.

  5. Hi Mrs.McConville! I checked the sience work that we did today in sience.
    It’s really cool stuff! Keep making the websites! Thanks.
    Yours truley,
    Hi Mel, Did you get a certificate on the science site? If you did, bring it in for extra credit!

  6. Hi Mrs.McConville!I’m having a lot of fun in sience. Thanks for all the good
    work you’ve done in sience.


  7. Dear Mrs.McConville,
    I looked at the electricity website on your blog. I was wondering I got a certifcate of achievement on the electricity website and I was wondering if I brought it to school if I would get extra credit.
    Peter Kim
    P.S Please write back!
    Hi Peter, Yes, bring in your certificate for extra credit! Good for you!

  8. Peter, you can get extra credit! I did!!!!!!!

    Andy, thanks for updating Peter. You have been on the most, Andy!

  9. Mrs.McConville, I got your message on the sience thing and now I know what I have to do to print the sience paper. Thanks!
    Mel Flores

    Good, I’ll look forward to getting your science certificate from the science site, Mel.

  10. Hey Mrs. McC i remember learning about electricity in your class 4 years ago and I still got an answer wrong on the blobs test. I miss 4th grade it was a lot easier than 8th is.

  11. Hey Alex! Good to hear from you. 4th grade is a great grade to be in, but I know that you are enjoying 8th grade too! Thanks for checking out our blog. We’re having fun with it!

    Mrs. McC.

    PS I loved teaching you and all your brothers!

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