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Sunday Night

Here I am blogging on a Sunday night! I have actually started a blog for my classroom, and I’m beginning to see some of the possible ways it may be useful to me and my students and their parents. An update of classroom activities, a list of homework assignments and spelling words all come to mind. The fact that it is interactive is important because communication between the school and home is vital. OK, now I’ve said all the right things, so let the blogging begin!

5 Responses to “Sunday Night”

  1. I can’t wait to see your blog – another elementary perspective. I’ve been adding things to mine as I go. Last week I threw up the spelling and today I went to google and created a calendar – which I then linked. It seems simple enough. We’ll see if anyone uses it. I’m still promoting the whole thing in my weekely newsletter to get interest and awareness up.
    I like the picture at the top. It looks like SW Michigan.

    Hi Dave, I’m working on it. I have some new ideas that I want to try this week.

  2. Dear Mrs McConville,
    This weeks words were very challenging, but i was able to pull thruogh!
    Good for you, Eliyah! You are a very responsible student!

  3. Dear Mrs. McConville,
    I just needed to say that I can’t bring in my room alarm
    until Monday.

    From. PETER KIM

  4. I am spending my thanksgiving in Travers City, Michigan. Where are you spending yours?

  5. Hi Mrs. McC. I really like the idea of putting the spelling words on the blog. I can’t tell you how many times we have had to call friends and write down or type out the spelling list because it has been misplaced!! To be able to look the words up on the blog would be so much easier. Hope you had a good weekend.
    From Jake’s mom

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